Connecting the OTC Market with a
Central Clearing Solution

International Derivatives Clearing Group, LLC (IDCG) is, through its subsidiary International Derivatives Clearinghouse, LLC, a central clearinghouse which provides an efficient and transparent forum to clear and settle interest rate swap contracts and other fixed income derivatives contracts.


As a member of the International Derivatives Clearinghouse, trading, investment, and market-making firms will be able to clear and settle new and existing OTC interest rate swap contracts traded bilaterally with dealers.


IDCG is focused on delivering a wide range of interest rate derivative products for central clearing. Positions novated to the clearinghouse are cleared as Swaps in the OTC account class. The current product offering includes spot and forward starting Vanilla swaps against 3 Month and 1 Month BBA LIBOR, Forward Rate Agreements, and Overnight Index Swaps.



  • Centralized Clearing
  • Efficiency and Transparency
  • Real Time IDCG Swap Curve™

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